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Claddagh Heart Set Ring by ShanOre

Claddagh Heart Set Ring by ShanOre

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ShanOre Claddagh Heart Set Ring

Specification - Sterling Silver & Open Heart Green Stones
WEIGHT: 2 grams
HEIGHT: 11mm
MAIN STONE DIMENSIONS: 1.75mm x 1.75mm - Green CZ and CZ

Beautifully etched with the words Love, Loyalty and friendship, this sterling silver ring is a stylish rendition of an Irish tradition. The ornate pattern includes a highly detailed set of hands, a delicate crown and a bejeweled heart. Four stones add an asymmetric, modern design to this traditional ring.

Elements of Love
The Claddagh's distinctive design is based off of the three elements of love in Irish tradition; Love, friendship and loyalty. A traditional gift for lovers, these rings are commonly used as promise rings in order to demonstrate a true love and deep interest. When worn with the hands that hold the heart directed towards the bearer, the ring indicates that she is taken.

A Deep Promise
Designed around the soul of Ireland green of the stones chosen to highlight the heart of the ring is a quiet reminder of the Emerald Isles. The ring is perfect as an anniversary or birthday gift to a special woman. While not traditionally an engagement ring, the claddagh is the perfect way to demonstrate a man's intentions to deepen a relationship.

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