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Fiskars Universal Scissors Limited Edition Gold Marble

Fiskars Universal Scissors Limited Edition Gold Marble

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Fiskars Universal Scissors Special Edition Gold Marble

These limited edition, general purpose, scissors are made from high-grade, precision-ground stainless steel, giving them a long lasting sharp edge which cuts all the way to the tip. The handles are ergonomically designed, maximising comfort and control.

Approximate weight: 90 grams
Universal Scissors 21 cm

Fiskars Scissors 
Discover the world’s most innovative collection of cutting tools boasting unbeatable sharpness, longevity, versatility and ease of use.

Known primarily for our premier sewing scissors, scissors  – Fiskars is proud to offer a diverse range of scissors and shears that help you cut – and ultimately create – anything from delicate fabrics to thick, challenging DIY materials, to everything in-between including food, sticky craft materials and other everyday cutting needs – in the classroom, kitchen, garden, studio and beyond.

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