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Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal Lismore 9oz Tumbler

Waterford Crystal Lismore 9oz Tumbler

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Waterford Crystal Lismore 9oz Tumbler

The Waterford Lismore tumbler respects and reveres whiskeys of all varieties with a flight of hand crafted crystal tasting glasses, each one individually shaped and designed for a specific whiskey to be enjoyed straight, neat, or on the rocks. How you choose to drink your whiskey will determine the best Lismore tumbler glass for your particular pour. The Lismore Straight Sided Tumbler, serves the connoisseur who enjoys their whiskey with a splash of water, a dash of soda or an ice cube or two. This tumbler features a universal shape wide enough for the liquor to breathe and perfect for all types of whiskeys and bourbon.

Width: 8.4 cm

Height: 7.6 cm

Weight: 360 g

Vol:250 ml

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