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English Lady Company

English Ladies Company Congratulations Gold

English Ladies Company Congratulations Gold

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English Ladies Congratulations Gold

Our Congratulations Gold figurine is one of our best sellers from the English Ladies Congratulations Collection. This is an amazing fine bone china figurine, designed by renowned modeller Valerie Annand and Master Painter Dan Smith, for our Congratulations figurines range. With all her trademark flair and frills, Valerie has created the perfect canvas for Dan to show off his prodigious decorating skills, garnered over 40 years as a Prestige Painter at Royal Doulton.

Congratulations Gold is an elaborate figurine dressed in a rich gold gown that captures the light bringing the figurine to life. When looking for a gift to give for a special celebration the Congratulations Gold figurine is the perfect one. Made from the finest material this prestigious gift celebrates big milestones like wedding anniversaries or special achievements. A gift like this will last a lifetime and always commemorate a special time in someone’s life.

Height: 22 cm

Material: Fine Bone China

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