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Mason Penang Dinner Plate

Mason Penang Dinner Plate

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Wedgwood Masons Ironstone Penang Dinner Plate

Mason's Ironstone 'Penang' Plate. Made in England.

This stunning PENANG Pattern plate was Made in England by Mason's Ironstone. It measures 27 cm diameter (10.5"), and is hand painted in rich dark blue with pink and brown flowers and pagodas in the border. There is lots of gilding, all edged in gold. The plate has the painter's marks on the back, and above.

This gorgeous plate is hand painted in a rich dark cobalt blue with pink and brown flowers and a border featuring pagodas to emphasise the 'Eastern' aspect of the name 'Penang', a beautiful state in Malaysia. It has a great deal of gilding and is finished in gold.

Made in England by the famous Mason's company, this plate is a superb example of the art in marrying eastern design to English craftsmanship.

Dims: 27 cm |10.5 in ROM

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