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Tipperary Crystal

The Irish Fairy Door Calming Caterpillar

The Irish Fairy Door Calming Caterpillar

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Tipperary Crystal The Irish Fairy Door - Calming Caterpillar

Weighted Soft Toy and Timer to Help Children to Take Control of Their Big Overwhelming Emotions.

Whether you are feeling sad, worries, afraid or angry, the weighted Calming Caterpillar and the timer have been infused with a very special fairy magic to help you to feel better…

The Calming Caterpillar has been over 3 years in the making. As with all of our products, our believers were central to how it came to be! Our worry plaque was ground breaking in so many ways and it came as a result of parents out there realising that their children were communicating with their magical friend and letting them know what was on their mind.

Anxiety in children is very prevalent especially with what has happened over the last year. It was the natural progression to design a product that could help children when their big emotions threaten to overwhelm them. Caterpillars in fairy valley have been a source of calm for all fairy-kind for hundreds of years so it made sense that their magic should be shared with humans too! Whether a child is feeling worried, angry, sad or afraid our Calming Caterpillar has been carefully designed to help to lower those big emotions. Specific fabric and colours have been carefully chosen to enhance a sense of calm along with Velcro feet and bendy fidget antenna. The key is the fact that it is weighted. Laying the caterpillar across your lap or chest will give the child a strong sense of grounding allowing them to focus on the magical timer.

The magical timer has been specially infused with fairy magic allowing the child to watch the sand move from the worried or angry bulb of the timer to the happy or calm bulb. Without doubt the focus is then on breathing work. There is a very detailed and comprehensive letter to the parent/caregiver included with every caterpillar explaining the simple process of breath control for their child.

We are incredibly proud of the Calming Caterpillar! We have no doubt that any child who receives one of these revolutionary toys will bond very quickly with their calming friend and the benefits will be seen almost immediately.

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